Why The War on Drugs Is a Failure

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warondrugs The video of Why The War on Drugs Is a Failure is below but first here’s our take.
Its pretty clear the war on drugs is a failure. Most people don’t care what other people do but politician would want us to believe different.
Bureaucrats will alway try to tell the people what to think and how to live.
Keeping our need for freedom in mind we all need to think about unintended consequences of legal marijuana. Will any of the proposed laws actually give Massachusetts residence there rights back. No! All the legal proposals are geared towards creating a bureaucracy to regulate and make money. The money part will be for a select few with VIP friends. All you have to do is look at California. They make a ton of money from people in need.
We are simply saying do you homework before you decide legal cannabis in Mass is really the right way to move forward.
This video is going viral. We think its because the majority is tired of being bullied by politicians and police for decades.

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