WCVB Poll Shows Support For Legalization Of Marijuana in Massachusetts

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Marijuana Poll in MA
People Want Legal Marijuana WCVB Poll Shows 3-14-15

It’s clear that the people in Massachusetts want to make Marijuana legal. The WCVB TV Poll taken on March 14, 2015 is a reflection of this. The TV Stations viewing area extend into all of New England so these results are very dynamic.
At the moment a Bill sponsored by two Democrats – Rep. David Rogers of Belmont and Sen. Pat Jehlen of Somerville. (It’s co-sponsored by 13 other lawmakers.) is waiting at the state house for debate. If the bill doesn’t pass The Marijuana Policy Project plans to get the Bill (or a similar one) on the 2016 ballot.

Massachusetts employs an indirect initiative process, the General Court has an opportunity to adopt proposed laws and amendments before they move to a popular vote. However, unlike other states, Massachusetts requires additional signatures following legislative inaction.

For an amendment or statute, signatures must equal 3% of votes cast for governor in the most recent election (excluding blanks). If the legislature declines to act on a proposed statute, supporters are required to collect a second round of signatures totaling 0.5% of the votes cast for governor in the most recent election (excluding blanks). For proposed amendments, one-quarter of the legislature must approve the petition in a joint session — a second round of signatures is not required.

Residents have already approved the Medical Marijuana law this way and would likely approve any legislation the MPP introduces.

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