Teen Marijuana Use Drops In Colorado

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Teen Marijuana Use FactsA new study in Colorado shows a drop in Marijuana use among teens.

Teen Marijuana use consumption by Colorado high school students has dipped slightly since the state first permitted recreational cannabis use by adults, a new survey showed on Monday, contrary to concerns that legalization would increase pot use by teens.
The biannual poll by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment also showed the percentage of high school students indulging in marijuana in Colorado was smaller than the national average among teens.

According to the department, 21.2 percent of Colorado high school students surveyed in 2015 had used marijuana during the preceding 30 days, down from 22 percent in 2011, the year before voters statewide approved recreational cannabis use by adults 21 and older. The first state-licensed retail outlets for legalized pot actually opened in 2014.

These findings show that Marijuana Legalization opponents their reasoning is flawed. As in Europe with alcohol and Cannabis when young people see responsible use they don’t experiment as much.

When you tell kids they can’t do something what do they do? They do it.

The industrialists and politicians from decades ago have done us no favors. The purpose of American Marijuana Laws are not to protect you. They were put in place to make one class of people wealthy.

Lets face it. The arguments against Marijuana Legalization and being debunked in the public spotlight. Using possible Teen Marijuana Use increases as a argument has much less credibility now.

From Scientific America

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