Resources And Marijuana Card Requirements

Resources And Marijuana Card RequirementsIf you want to learn how to get your Medical Marijuana Card in MA. please read this Step By Step Guide To Register For Medical Use of Marijuana Program in Massachusetts. Be sure to understand all the marijuana card requirements before you begin the process.

The following resources for Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts are from authoritative sources to the best of our ability. They are in PDF Format which you will need Adobe Reader or another document reader to open.

Guidance For Law Enforcement

Guidance for Municipalities

MMJ System Registration Overview for Patients

MMJ Caregiver System Registration Step by Step

Update to Marijuana Enforcement Policy

List of Marijuana Dispensary Applicants

Final Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Regulations

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Statute

Memo to Public Health Council on Draft Regulations

FAQ: Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts UPDATED 3/29/2013

Medical Marijuana In Massachusetts Draft Regulations

As Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts becomes more accepted we expect the rules to become more transparent. Be aware that the police are still arresting people. They are letting the courts sort out if you are within legal limits of possession. Remember the police have little consequences facing them if they arrest you.

Employers have the right not to hire someone who test positive for a drug test. A fail is a fail for employment drug tests.

Massachusetts is still issuing dispensary licenses. We don’t expect the full compliment of 35 to be open for some time.

Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts is a life saver for many patients. We would ask that anyone participating in the program be professional about it. Acting like a stoner or smoking in public gives the movement a bad image. we have been waiting generations for the Cannabis Laws to change. Please remember how you act reflects on all of us.

Note that marijuana card requirements are in flux. Your Marijuana Doctor is the one who registers you as a patient. Once that happens the State begins the process of issuing you a 3 year Medical Marijuana Card.

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