Massachusetts Politicians Start Anti Marijuana Group To Subvert Legalization

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Mass Anti marijuana groupDon’t be shocked as Massachusetts Politicians Start Anti Marijuana Group To Subvert Legal Marijuana.

It’s clear the people of Massachusetts want politicians out of the Marijuana Legalization debate. The citizens have spoken by supporting these Bills, but the politicians they voted for are against them.

Politicians are shocked the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are so popular. We put Charlie Baker in office to run the State, not for his opinions on Marijuana. He has subverted Donald Trump with the No To Trump activists and now he’s attempting to subvert the will of the people in his own State.

Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Martin J. Walsh of Boston, and House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo announced April 14 2016 that they are launching an anti-legalization campaign that also includes a coalition of doctors, law enforcement officials, and addiction specialists.

The government bullies have a unlimited amount of funding, but said the campaign budget is close to a billion dollars. No doubt that this entity will be considered non profit. This means You! will be paying for it.

The politicians you voted for are now telling us they know better. Even after the decriminalization and rulings that police can’t use the smell of marijuana as probable cause to search a vehicle.

The reason your elected officials are citing is to protect children. This is from politicians that can’t protect children in DCF care. They underfunded DSF for decades and kids died and are still dying.

They have also sighted a visit to Colorado. They claim to have witnessed the harm accuring in CO.

I lived in Colorado (7 ski seasons) when the law was being considered and then implemented. My best friend lived above the dispensary in Eagle Vail CO. The political team that visited the state was lead around by anti marijuana advocates (police & politicians). They were presented with false evidence of increased crime and addiction statistics.

Colorado is huge. Denver can be a dangerous place. Its been like this forever, but the crime statistics are being manipulated to say Marijuana has increased crime and addiction by our elected officials.

During my time in the state I never seen people tearing off their clothes or murdering someone while smoking. In fact many people I knew stopped drinking and started smoking weed. You don’t see people smoking in public areas often and most people respect the rights of others who don’t like smoke.

Lets face it, this isn’t about keeping us safe. It’s about power. Governments around the World understand maintaining power over its people. Politicians are elected to run the government. This is writing budgets and public safety.

Legal Marijuana in Massachusetts is not a public safety issue (as proven is 3 States) and it’s certainly not a budget issue.

The laws against Cannabis in America were put in place by corrupt politicians that implemented them for profit and power. It’s time to show the politicians we are tired of being treated like stupid farm animals.

Yes presidential politics suck. They all suck.

As Stan Marsh learned of South Park CO. it’s always between a Douche and a Turd. Even if you don’t want to vote for a new President please register to vote for the Bills that will be on the ballot.

Believe me as a former resident of CO. Life gets better when people don’tr have to worry about being harassed by the police for petty crap.

Quike story. The Town of Avon CO had a Winterfest a few years ago. Turned out it was a scam to arrest people for drugs. Even Snoop Dog was there. The police set up a mobile booking trailer in advance. Clearly they had a agenda to attract young people who smoked weed. Again Snoop was playing. Once the law passed the 100 plus people charged with illegal possession were cleared.

This story simply shows the “Us Against Them” mentality of police and politicians. Legalizing Marijuana sends a clear message that we won’t tolerate being bullied anymore.

Stand up for your rights. Write Charlie Baker, Mayor Martin J. Walsh of Boston, and House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and let them know your opinion.

Don’t forget. If you don’t vote you cant complain when your posting bail.


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