Mass Marijuana Law You Voted For Is Going Away

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You Need Vaseline If You Live In Mass

The Massachusetts Marijuana Law that residents voted for is going away. Thats right the law people voted for is being scraped in a new bill.

The MA legislator has started the process of negating the voters intent. We voted for a 12 percent tax and residents right to vote on rules.

What they want to do is raise the recreational marijuana tax to 28%, give town managers the right to set rules without a vote and form 2 new bureaucracies.

The tax will be on a sliding scale which means it will increase to %56 percent.

The new law will take citizens rights to allow or ban Marijuana shops from their towns.

The 2 bureaucracies will create very high paying jobs for the friends and family members of lawmakers.

The house has already approved the law and its now going to the Senate.

How much do you wanna bet the vote will be 7PM on the 4TH of July or on a Friday night. You can count on it taking place when you’re not paying attention.

When will the people of Massachusetts wake up? The democrats in the state want to take your money and control you. As long as you keep voting for these people your rights will continue to be stolen from you. You’ve been cheated and lied to for decades.

These people claim to be social justice warriors but are only greedy power hungry scumbags.

BTW Charlie Baker is a democrat. He’s what is known as a RINO. Republican In Name Only.

Elizabeth Warren went to Washington over 2 years ago and has done nothing for us. She started a financial consumer commision which has only provided high paying jobs for insiders. The FCC she formed hurts everyday people because the rules prevent regular people from getting loans.

These are the people you voted for and now we’re all┬ápaying the price.

Remember the government is not your friend. The democrats have hijacked the freedom movement. They are lying to you to get your vote. Everything you see them do is to control and tax you. If you refuse to wake up your kids will have half the freedom you do.

How can you stop the State Senate? Call your Senator’s office and tell them your pissed off.

Source MassLive

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