Legal Marijuana May Not Be So Legal As State Wants Higher Taxes and Special Police

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MA Recreational Marijuana
Keep 12 Plant Rule

Before you celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana prepare for road blocks. Literally Legal Marijuana May Not Be So Legal. The State of Ma wants a delay in implementation of the new law.

Massachusetts treasurer and attorney general want a higher tax and a special marijuana police force.

As we have pointed out before the creators of this website live in Colorado part time and full time. I live in Avon which is next to Vail Resort and Beaver Creek resort. I travel back and forth to Cape Cod on a regular basis.
Since the implementation of Recreational Marijuana in CO I’ve seen no problems. Zero.
Kids aren’t getting any more Marijuana than they did before the law. Probably less because you have to have ID. People aren’t smoking weed in the streets or driving off cliff because of cannabis.
Sure people in Colorado are being arrested for driving under the influence but that is being attributed the the police enforcement. The statistics don’t show more people smoking weed and driving it shows a increase in enforcement. Plus these arrests are mainly in Denver which is already a crazy place.

Treasurer Goldberg want to take out the right to grow up to 12 plants and add more tax. Both the attorney general and the treasurer have supported delaying implementation in order to form a Cannabis Control Task Force AKA a special police force.

As with everything else in Massachusetts lawmakers want to change what citizens want. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Walsh say they want to work within “The Spirit Of The Law”. In other words they support the manipulation and distortion of what we voted for.

“I believe that when voters vote on most ballot questions, they are voting in principle. They are not voting on the fine detail that is contained within the proposal,” Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg said. The Amherst Democrat noted that the timetable was “very aggressive” and could be ripe for change.

The politicians in MA have always tried to change what citizens clearly want. We want to be left alone and not taxed for exercising our freedoms.

Recently the state has tried to impose a scaled gas tax. Groups had to be formed and had to raise money to educate the public before the politician snuck the tax in.

As far as we can see the voters approved one law and expect that law to take effect.

We implore everyone to write their representative telling them to keep the law as its written.

The citizenship should also realize that lawmakers and politician will likely try to charge home growers with tax evasion and distribution of calls a drugs if they try to sell any marijuana to friend of family.

Please do not let our uninformed politicians push you around. Stay informed as our fight isn’t over. Politicians failed at stopping legal marijuana and are now turning to getting changes that only suit them and their interests. Massachusetts politicians are looking at recreational Marijuana as a cash cow.



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