Juicing Medical Marijuana How To Video

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Juicing Medical Marijuana
Juicing Medical Marijuana

Juicing Medical Marijuana has become a ritual for many people.

Most people are familiar with traditional juicing. Gathering up all your vegetable and fruits, processing them just right and so on.

Juicing Medical Marijuana is more of a extraction process. You are trying to breakdown all the cells in the leafs. This releases the essential oils. Thats is why she is using the Wheetena Marvel Red Label Electric Wheatgrass Juicer which costs $300.00 and up. When its done there is nothing but pure smooth juice.

The benefits are truly incredible with juicing. What’s being made here can be a base for many drinks. Blend your Marijuana Juice Extract with all your recipes. Spinach and Kale juices are perfect to add the extract to.

As always consult your doctor before consuming anything with Marijuana as a ingredient.

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