How To Obtain A Medical Marijuana Card and Referral In Massachusetts (Updated)

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Medical MArijuana Card In MAss(update) The State of Massachusetts has implemented Medical Marijuana Patient Registration.

If you are a existing Medical Marijuana patient and you were approved by your Doctor before October 2014 you need to contact your doctor and update your status.

Your Physician will electronically register you with the State of MA. You will need to provide a email. Your Dr’s. office will then access the States registration database and add you. Once this is done Mass DPH. will send you the instructions and forms to be submitted.

Please Read The Step By Step Guide For Registering As A Medical Marijuana Patient in Massachusetts

Effective February 1, 2015, paper certifications from physicians will no longer be sufficient for compliance with registration requirements under DPH Marijuana Regulations.  All patients, including those currently holding a paper certification, must obtain an electronic certification from their physician and be registered with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program to possess marijuana for medical use


Lets be clear here. Any Doctor in the State Of Massachusetts can issue a Medical Marijuana Referral.That said getting your doctor to write one is virtually impossible.

Since the MA Medical Marijuana Law took affect doctors have a unwritten rule not to prescribe cannabis. Many reasons contribute to this, but the DEA Bullying Doctors is surly a driving fear in there World.

What patients need to be legal is the actual paper that is issued, not the plastic card that may or may not be issued.

We have only had experience with one Marijuana Doctor in Mass. We can only give you knowledge gathered from a visits to CannaMed in Framingham MA. You can find them by doing a simple Google search.

You may have talked to people who claim they have a referral or one was obtained with little or no documentation. We would argue that you not listen to these stories. You absolutely need the proper documentation.

Establishing a condition with diagnosis. The medical conditions that qualify for Medical Marijuana use range from back pain, headaches to seizures or cancer. You can see a list at Conditions being treated with Medical Marijuana.

If you have a legitimate medical condition and a MD has diagnosed and documented that is step one.

Once a Doctor has diagnosed you with a medical condition you then need to show ongoing treatment for that condition. An example would be if you have joint pain your Dr. could refer you to a Rheumatologist. That written referral could be the document you need to show ongoing treatment.

Medical diagnoses and proof of ongoing treatment for that specific medical condition is what you need. The Medical Marijuana doctors in the state of Massachusetts are undergoing increased scrutiny as regulators try to keep up with the growing industry.

Only when a potential patient for Medical Marijuana has the necessary documentation should a appointment be made with a Medical Marijuana Doctor. Bring copies of all the recent visits and referrals from your doctor.

How To Get Marijuana Card
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Once a patient has a Cannabis referral they can obtain medicine from a Marijuana Caregiver or grow there own. Patients are automatically granted hardship status because no dispensaries have opened. After dispensaries are open a hardship status will only be granted to those showing low income or unable to get to a dispensary.

About Marijuana Caregivers. A patient should not grow Marijuana to sell. Whether its to other patients or friends selling Marijuana is not legal for patients. A Marijuana Caregiver is license by the state to obtain Cannabis or grow up to 12 plants for each patient they have as a patient. Patients must show the original referral, picture ID and agree the caregiver is the primary provider for the medicine.

Always keep your marijuana medical referral with you whenever you have your medicine with you.

We DO NOT Advocate breaking any laws. If you do not legitimately need Medical Marijuana please do not try to game the system. Your actions could inflict damage to those who do.

Please review our resource page for legal documentation.

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