Cannabis Vending Machines In Seattle Shows What Washington State Can Do Right

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Cannabis-Vending-MachinesHad to tie in the New England Patriots win over Seattle in the Superbowl. Washington State has done one thing better than Boston and Massachusetts. Marijuana for Medical Use is easy to get.

Seattle has begun a roll out of Marijuana vending machines. The ZaZZZ vending machine contains cannabis flower, hemp-oil energy drinks, and other merchandise at Seattle Caregivers in Seattle. Washington state voters joined Colorado in 2012 in legalizing recreational marijuana, ushering in retail shops carrying a range of Cannabis products for adults. Voters in Alaska and Oregon adopted similar initiatives last year. But in Washington state, a loosely regulated medical marijuana industry runs alongside the recreational pot system.

Cannabis Vending Machine
Will we see the Zazzz vending machines in MA? Maybe or Maybe not.

If the company is willing to deal with corruption maybe yes.

In Mass we are sure to see regulation built to favor friends of the politicians. You could say we are more corrupt than Washington State and have a better football team. One claim to fame not so great.
Massachusetts politicians have put there greedy little fingers in everything from the Big Dig to Liqueur tax and distribution monopolies.

All one has to do is look at cigarettes. They are $4.00 less per pack just over the boarder in NH. A huge tax that was meant to help people who smoked with health issues. Not fill the war chest of the Government. The State gave away nicotine patches for one year and that was that. We still pay the tax.

With the recent change which took place 2-1-2015 MMJ patiants must apply for hardship in order to grow there own medicine. This forces patients to buy over priced medicine from a dispensary. A dispensary which had to put up thousands of dollars to simply apply for the license. They have to charge upwards of $400.00 to $600.00 a once and more. How many people can afford $400.00 for medicine when they are sick and likely not even working. Combined with State fee’s and yearly Marijuana Doctors visits at $200.00 patients will be spending $10’000.00 and more out of pocket a year. That’s crazy money for a sick person.

The mindset of Massachusetts Government simply doesn’t get what the people voted for. To remove fear of arrest for patients. Not collect tax and create huge regulations that benefit the rich and connected.

The only way we believe MA Cannabis Vending Machines will ever come to Massachusetts is if we make Cannabis legal for recreational use. Since we can expect huge regulation it only makes sense to just make it legal. To regulate a small group of medical users in they way it appears they intend to will only bring further burdens on already sick people. By making pot legal the regulations will be in place for everyone and everyone who uses it will spread the tax and regulations across all users. Recreational users will be helping medical patients.

It’s sad that something that should never have been made illegal has to carry a huge monetary cost to get it back. Corrupt politicians put prohibition into place to make money and they will make money when its removed. Life go’s on though.


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