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This website is dedicated to our father Edward who died of Esophageal cancer in 2012.

We are dedicated to trust worthy authoritative content. Our mission is to be honest and keep you informed on the issues.

If your wondering why this website was started we have some answers.

My father was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer in 2010. Of course the doctors prescribed Chemo therapy and radiation. As we all know these treatments are taxing on the human body. After all your being bombarded with radiation and then poisoned.

During the treatment process most patients lose there appetite. This makes it even harder for the body to heal. Eating is an important part of cancer treatment but for most eating is the last thing on there minds.

My father was not eating. We tried everything from MC Donald’s to sports drinks. Nothing would ad any nutrition to our dads failing body. He would throw up everything.

After the Chemo and radiation doctor proceeded to remove his most of his Esophagus and half his stomach. This made almost impossible to eat any solid food so doctors put Dad on a feeding tube.

About 6 weeks after surgery doctors said he could start eating food again, but Dad had no appetite at all. We had many suggestions on how to induce hunger. The most mentioned approach was Marijuana. The doctors tried stretching what he had left for a stomach which is the SOP for Esophageal cancer patients.

Our Dad would not even consider smoking Marijuana. Why because it was illegal. Our father was old school and served our country. The last thing he wanted to do was break the law. I have seen Marijuana work with others on cancer treatments but that wasn’t enough for Dad. Illegal is illegal.

It’s sad that rules invented by man to control people prevented our father a little relief. We hope with the new laws in Massachusetts will help others get some relief.

Marijuana has been shown to help with many illnesses. Migraine headaches to Cancer and much in between.

We want to be able to help those looking for relief. We can only do this with your help. Please tell your friends about this website and participate. Help us helpothers.